[Bell Historians] A wake for the bells?

Anne Willis zen16073 at J27LoKLaxI3geLMvP2pZSaBisB5kI6VlSh23rfIN1G3bwu95eWXKH4nL1EOnNSlGTNMoUGlWBdLXxdv9gQ.yahoo.invalid
Thu Jul 20 16:18:09 BST 2006

Can anyone throw some light on what this entry, found in churchwardens'
accounts of 1656 just after the installation of a new set of bells,

"Itt paid for writting the first wake for the bells - 1/-."

The spelling here is exactly as in the original entry. If "writting"
means 'writing' then could this refer to a special change or even peal
being commissioned to be rung on the new bells?


It could refer to what is known in these parts (Wiltshire) as a 'knell' or
ringing the bell(s) for a funeral.

If spelling seems odd try interpreting it in the local dialect.  It's
amazing how phonetically words can be written.  'The accounts was axamined'
annually by our local ringers for some years.

Do you know the book 'The Parish Chest'?  Can't remember who it's by, but I
have found it very useful. 



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