[Bell Historians] Engravings of Rudhall's foundry

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> The engravings actually show Rudhall's tuning machine after it had 
been installed at Whitechapel. So they are Whitechapel (not Rudhall / 
Gloucester) really, and they were first used in a Whitechapel 
brochure or catalogue of the 1860s. I think the original drawings 
were done by W.T. Kimber, the Whitechapel moulder and artist.
> I know of no engravings of Rudhall's foundry at Gloucester
> All in haste and from memory, so E&OE!
> CP

Sorry, my caption for the slide on the Central Council web site (I 
put the pictures and words together for the CC) isn't perhaps as 
clear as it might be in determining where the engraving was made:

"An improvement came with the application of lathe technology to bell 
tuning. This engraving shows the tuning machine employed by the 
Rudhall foundry in Gloucester. The machine was later moved to 
Whitechapel when the Gloucester firm was taken over."

The engraving is indeed by Kimber and quite clearly shows the 
Whitechapel tuning room much as it is today - all rumours that the 
man in the hat and waistcoat operating the machine is a young Nigel 
Taylor are completely without foundation!

Once the CC Web Master gets back from his hols, the photos will be 
updated, adding an appropriate source acknowledgement to each slide 
and making a couple of picture additions.

Anyone who has quality photographs (from many of the photos I've been 
offered so far, it seems that ringers quite like out of focus or 
badly posed/framed photos ...come back Chris Dalton, all is 
forgiven!), preferably high resolution digital images, of bell 
related subject matter which they would be willing to allow us to 
use, please let me know off list.



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