Steel bell protective coatings

George Dawson george at
Mon Mar 6 08:37:36 GMT 2006

I understand that a proprietary car anti-rust material call 'Waxoyl' has
been used successfully, an equivalent was used on the (metal) frame at
Egginton Derbys which did an excellent job.
Again further details including original location, if known, would be useful
for my index of NV bells (if it is by them).


Hi - I am not in a position to tell you what you might coat the bell with.
What I would be keen to know is if your bell was made by Naylor Vickers. If
so it will have a serial number on it that will probably be quite difficult
to decipher. 
If it is possible to say what the number is can you let me know. Also the
year of manufacture, the diameter and the weght if known.
Howard E. J. Smith - bell historian & archaeologist - bellringer at
Newcastle upon Tyne Cathedral, England

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