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If it is a Naylor Vickers casting it will be somewhat porous and have a very poor surface.
Good penatrant properties are essential.
Anything oil based that can be blown away with a high pressure water cleaner would be good, clear wax oil or the sort of oil BWB use on canal gear would be good, as long it is sprayed on with lots of propellant to it forms a thin layer when the propellant evaporates.

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I have received the following request for information. Any thoughts chaps?

I'm seeking advice on whether steel bells should be coated with anything to inhibit rust.  We have a local organization that has a steel bell they wish to exhibit outdoors, and are worried about it rusting.  Any advice?  Thank you.

Donovan Michael Gray
Preservation Planner
State Capitol Campus
Division of Facilities
General Administration, State of Washington
United States of America

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