[Bell Historians] Fwd: Steel bell protective coatings

Samuel Austin combineharvestersam at h4jDXdQEYj5zvMhNxJHEFaXrHYtlukApbAc3ZlVnOg8EgA6BdHgrS7aKl5WMGsQPLLFGGxZXcmvTaJ7VJIwWjIryjGJUWfE.yahoo.invalid
Mon Mar 6 08:42:48 GMT 2006

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<editor at ptxLtQpv4K6xSQyFyRmTBcJ9HOCU1VPD0oyWHsikWxSMgzVU9VZDSuCruK6qR4X-e2OPgd-PrOJfXVblnAUMd2K2Ahg.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> I have received the following request for
information. Any thoughts chaps?
> >I'm seeking advice on whether steel bells should be
coated with anything 
> >to inhibit rust.  We have a local organization that
has a steel bell they 
> >wish to exhibit outdoors, and are worried about it
rusting.  Any 
> >advice?  Thank you.
> >
> >Donovan Michael Gray
> >Preservation Planner
> >State Capitol Campus
> >Division of Facilities
> >General Administration, State of Washington
> >United States of America

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