[Bell Historians] Re: Clapper failure information request

Andrew Aspland aaspland at CZwEQZ0MI_A7vC2o_hMd_lTGStC7mW2hWxkfphprWvwqq_AtEbxcgFPIdUTwHo_XzguUs4uoLh9I6g.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 17 18:05:04 GMT 2006

" Very safe!
> Andrew

For the ringers maybe, but what about the bell?"

It only drops the clapper from halfway across the mouth and then the centre
of gravity of the clapper can only be dropping by a few centimetres.
Compare the potential energy PE = mgh to the kinetic energy of the clapper
swinging into the bell when it is ringing KE=mv^2 and I think you will have
your answer.

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