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When the bell is rung normally the clapper hits it even harder. it is not just falling under gravity but is being flung against the bell.
The important difference about clocking is the clapper can be held against the bell.
when a clapper turner is used the clapper is just as free to bounce as during normal ringing.
Clappers do not bounce significantly, or double clappering results, but they do de-weight immediately after striking, allowing the bell to vibrate. Seen closely the clapper chatters against the bell or just lifts clear before settling back.
I invented and use a striking meter to correct odd struck bells.

I spend a fair amount of time next to bells as they ring so I get a lot of opportunity to observe and to some extent measure clapper speed.

To add to the other debate on clappers and materials I have observed that bells capered so that the clapper bounce is edging toward excessive sound much better than those where the clapper lands with almost no bounce or chattering.
I would be interested to know much bounce and chattering there is on that wood shaft clapper.

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For the ringers maybe, but what about the bell?


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