MJ Murphy Founder Dublin Bell

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Sun Mar 19 17:27:58 GMT 2006

Any further news on the rediscovered Murphy bell?

I have to confess to being a little confused - the 19th century Dublin
founder I know of was John Murphy, not MJ Murphy (see RW4754).

Are we talking about the same individual?

John Walton

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> Hi All,
> Via my Liverpool Bells (www.liverpoolbells.moonfruit.com) website, I
> have received an e-mail from a chap who has a church bell in his
> garden (as you do!). 'It was made by MJ Murphy Founder Dublin in 1878'
> I've not got pictures yet, nor do I know how big this is (It can't be
> as big as the Great Bell of Bradbourne!) but does anyone know if this
> firm still exists and have an address for them per chance?
> The chap also comments ' I inspected the church bell at St Bedes in
> Widnes last week end. This too was made by M J Murphy Founder . The
> date on the bell is 1879 and was a replacement bell at St Bedes as
> the church was opened in 1847'.
> Any help would be great.
> Cheers
> Jon.
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> 07920023542 (m)


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