[Bell Historians] Re: Clapper failure information request

David Bagley david at p1NJSUaYyaTUFpitK1QCLCHSO260bJOdYY8Lrdvx0DvFW3UrivNNvqE2Covb3Lh9eOkA-vyNYIF0eV4fJkgsP5W9nhg.yahoo.invalid
Tue Mar 21 06:59:40 GMT 2006

> PS. The other advantage of this clapper is that I can get the bell up
> right, by myself, with relatively little effort!
> R

We've now got a wooden shafted clapper at Tewkesbury which is also much 
easier to get up correct side. A 14 year old learner got it up right on 
Sunday morning.

The one at Worcester is also much easier to chime and it is now possible for 
one person to get it up right. Hard work but possible!



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