[Bell Historians] Re: Clapper failure information request

Richard Offen richard at sqV4G8otva9XeifVfRRghKaJrG489VCv5a4-sfjOufmb8rA7SmtHqRwIC2WqdDbDUVKAIMdgqg.yahoo.invalid
Mon Mar 20 23:30:33 GMT 2006

> It's all very interesting.   
> I was watching our tenor clapper at Swan Bells on Saturday (very easy 
> to do there!).   It is a fairly thick-stemmed, lightly 
> counterbalanced clapper of SG iron, manufactured by Whitechapel in 
> the late 1980s when the bells came out here.   The clapper rebounds 
> about two inches on impact, which is probably why the bell sounds so 
> good.
> I shall not tempt providence by commenting on its durability, but 
> suffice to say it gets far more use than most bells of its weight!
> Richard

PS. The other advantage of this clapper is that I can get the bell up 
right, by myself, with relatively little effort!



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