[Bell Historians] Tolpuddle in the news!

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at 6_6PRSQGYizqNMjjrB9qGUHbY7McACOAzhKEkYgs1_LPeE51ci8Un9augt9blrzjw9iOsdm01hhaaFQFkBhTX3k.yahoo.invalid
Sat Mar 25 16:43:40 GMT 2006

> Thanks you for your reply. Whilst I appreciate that Chris Dalton has 
> written an excellent set of volumes, regardless of  any personal desires, I
> have no ties to Dorset, and with a family of four children, I can't justify
> the luxury of a ?25 copy of my own and our Guild library doesn't seem to have
> one.
(Guildford or Surrey?)  Don't you think it ought to have, actually, not
least in view of the Chertsey/Wokingham/Reading connection?  There is a
great deal of material about other (national) foundries, too...

> Does anyone know what is really in Tolpuddle?

A dead chime of four in the old two-tier ringing frame.  The 3rd, with the
ex-Chertsey arms, is an early 16th-century bell from the Reading foundry.
In Dorset there are similar bells at Charlton Marshall and Rampisham, and
the arms also appear on a bell at Hammoon.



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