[Bell Historians] Sennen Church Cornwall

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Mon Mar 27 18:33:21 BST 2006

Nice to see a page set up for our most westerly church!  Nice ring of bells 
I have been twice on outings.

Just a small point, but on bell details, the 4th is currently listed as Db 
and the 3rd E whereas it should be: the 3rd  Eb and the 4th  D to make the 
major six that they are.


>From: "Richard Sweet" <r.sweet at 1d9yp92krK0qZprwFKGb1fesa_xzUPeYNZoaOh75_e7Bez4Qm-nkTq1Ba_2PkTkm316M-TpIY9A4wCDw.yahoo.invalid>
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>Subject: [Bell Historians] Sennen Church Cornwall
>Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 13:32:32 -0000
>I have just set up a website for our Tower and posted what information
>is available concerning the history of the Bells, the address is
>If anyone can provide any additional information I would be very
>pleased to receive it, perhaps offline.
>Many thanks
>Richard Sweet
>Tower Secretary


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