[Bell Historians] Sennen Church Cornwall

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This is a very good and informative web site.  However I would dispute
Sennen's claim to be the "most westerly church in the British Isles".  Even
if you don't include Ireland or the Scillies there is a large chunk of the
west of Scotland, from Kintyre northwards, with plenty of churches.  It
would be more accurate to describe it as the most westerly church on
mainland Britain with change ringing bells.

Peter Rivet
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  Nice to see a page set up for our most westerly church!  Nice ring of
  I have been twice on outings.

  Just a small point, but on bell details, the 4th is currently listed as Db
  and the 3rd E whereas it should be: the 3rd  Eb and the 4th  D to make the
  major six that they are.


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  >Subject: [Bell Historians] Sennen Church Cornwall
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  >I have just set up a website for our Tower and posted what information
  >is available concerning the history of the Bells, the address is
  >If anyone can provide any additional information I would be very
  >pleased to receive it, perhaps offline.
  >Many thanks
  >Richard Sweet
  >Tower Secretary

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