[Bell Historians] Saffron Walden.

David Bryant davidbryant at 3aiXc8bTa17Oou9oeg9BRzRFH7MZAahn4NjfqVKWAjWcBG_iSGKFHXJbKiIFLzJqBZ1hyguvNBXLg0jEtTfsiw.yahoo.invalid
Thu Mar 30 12:11:26 BST 2006

>the 'modern' tubular steel
>stock which rust from the inside where the rust cannot
>cannot be seen.  Has there been any incidence of these
>tubular steel stocks collapsing due to internal rusting?

I'm not aware of any - but they haven't been in use for that long. Like you, 
I suspect that stocks collapsing due to internal rusting will be a problem 
in future.



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