Who casts the best bells?

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Wed May 3 15:59:03 BST 2006

Thank you for your response. It is wonderful to hear about you abbey's
recent (and ancient) acquisition.  

I too would enjoy a used bell, but they appear to be extremely
difficult to locate around here (California) unless one wants to pay
the going rate at www.usedbells.com which can be quite high.

The bell I have in mind would swing while mounted on a trailer.  It
would principally be used as a "passing bell" at local cemeteries.  As
a fabricator I can handle the trailer -- now all I need is a bell...



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> As Andrew says, there's a lot to be said for 2nd-hand bells - they have
> obviously already proved their mettle! I see your email address is
> 'sanctusbells'; our recently-acquired Sanctus bell at Waltham Abbey was
> cast in the 1660s by Miles Graye and I think it's great that this
> venerable old relic has been given a second wind, so to speak.
> Ironically, it is now the oldest bell in Waltham Abbey's tower, even
> though it was installed only about a decade ago.
> I took a photos of it recently; if anyone wants a copy emailed let me
> know offlist.
> Lawrence Greenall,
> Waltham Abbey Hist Soc.


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