Who casts the best bells?

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> --I know this is a very difficult question with a great many variables
> to consider (particularly application), but who casts the finest bells
> today? Eisebouts? Paccard? Petit & Fritsen? Taylor? Whitechapel? Some
> other firm?
> Far too much bias for Richard Offen's taste but I love Taylor bells
> their tone. Quite a lot depends upon the manner in which the bell is
> struck. Some bells with mathematically excellent harmonics do not
> the best tone whereas others which are not quite right on paper are
> fantastic. Why not look at second-hand bells - at least that way you
> hear the bell first!
> ANdrew

I don't consider your comment at all biased Andrew.   You have every
justification for your love of the tone of Taylor bells, you have some
magnificent examples in your area.

As I've said on many occasions before, as long as you, and others, are
willing to acknowledge that other contractors can, and do, produce bells
of equally fine quality, then personal preference is perfectly

But that doesn't help our friend to find a bell founder for his bell.

Now I will show bias, patriotic bias, and say that without a doubt, for
the finest bells in the world, he should use either of our British
foundries ...having heard the work of a good number of other founders in
my travels around the world, I genuinely mean that!   He will get good
service and a top quality product that sounds superb.


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