[Bell Historians] Re: Who casts the best bells?

David Cawley dave at 44VNRhCQCecX_Nrs66PwFs7as9UlKl2CSvotHT4VOIGUsLW2WkWNKaEdn6hK4Jy90whHbakCQMCnycqukSVNEM0.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 4 00:53:31 BST 2006

Hear, hear, Richard. And especially as regards English bells which, remember, are cast in a different way - and often with a different metal ratio - to some continental products.

And, of course, using the English foundries means that you 
can get the three best: 
Gillett & Johnston (profiles & tuning available from either)

I also observed a "Blews profile" pair of bells specially made to augment one such ring; though I cannot imagine that the founders would advise or the customer require these in the general run of things.

The correspondent has also preumably visited the Keltek Trust site?


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   I don't consider your comment at all biased Andrew.   You have every justification for your love of the tone of Taylor bells, you have some magnificent examples in your area.   

  As I've said on many occasions before, as long as you, and others, are willing to acknowledge that other contractors can, and do, produce bells of equally fine quality, then personal preference is perfectly acceptable.

  But that doesn't help our friend to find a bell founder for his bell.   

  Now I will show bias, patriotic bias, and say that without a doubt, for the finest bells in the world, he should use either of our British foundries ...having heard the work of a good number of other founders in my travels around the world, I genuinely mean that!   He will get good service and a top quality product that sounds superb.


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