[Bell Historians] Re: Who casts the best bells?

Richard Offen richard at Ks-n2IPyDwUzUofN5rkbxWtwoZoYIBGDtMN6QjQYpAgfWfjM2JryoOJPcDDpn8GNSk8JJTCPd289LQ.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 4 12:24:29 BST 2006

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> DLC:
> "And, of course, using the English foundries means that you can get 
> three best: 
> Taylor
> Whitechapel
> Gillett & Johnston (profiles & tuning available from either)"
> Don't we have another founder also? I know they have yet to prove 
> worth, but the Hayward Mills bell at Southwark is not a bad sounding
> advertisement for them.
> DrL

I only spoke of those of which I have had experience :-)



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