[Bell Historians] Re: Who casts the best bells?

sanctusbells sanctusbells at Jx_5vg9jg7dYVb1Yo5SKIEMUJDetr3pqvoWEYbC1TpFSfFmIeQ0b6lyMt-qz7DIzz6WVo5CpljU594BWFS1CX8M.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 4 17:12:47 BST 2006

A pitch of D or D# in the first octave would be ideal.  That would
translate into a 2500-3200 pound bell with a pitch most suitable for
passing bell (death) duties.  It's also just about the largest bell I
would want to tow around on a trailer and then swing.

It also equates to a $40-50K bell...

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> Either? given that he is looking for a small bell, anyone who went
to the road show would not dismiss bells produced by new face on the


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