Groton, Massachusetts USA

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>     The tenor at the Groton School Chapel is usually listed as 18-0-
> including in Dove and other places.  Written on the bell, though, is a
> gross weight (that I forget) and a nett (sic) weight of 21-1-21.    > 
Laura Dickerson

The tenor of the old eight was given in Dove as 22 0 17.
The gross weight on the new tenor as written on the bell is 22 0  5.  
The net weight written on it is  21  1  21, There are also some 
dimensions on it ?' 11" x 3' 11"x  4' 8". ? = figure on my photograph 
obscured by frame.  All the others have similar details. 6th has M&S 
GROTON via BOSTON No.6 GROSS  8  3  27, NETT 8  2  14, MEAS 2' 11" x 2' 
11" x 3' 6" ( last figure difficult to read from photo.) Frame all 
marked up M&S Groton via Boston. Until my recent revisit to Washington 
Cathedral I had always considered Groton to be the best sounding ringin 
peal in North America. Washington sounded very much improved from my 
previous visit - but then I could be mistaken, as no doubt, somebody 
would rush to point out.


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