Groton, Massachusetts USA

Richard Offen richard at
Mon May 22 14:05:32 BST 2006

> The tenor of the old eight was given in Dove as 22 0 17.
> The gross weight on the new tenor as written on the bell is 22 0  
> The net weight written on it is  21  1  21, There are also some 
> dimensions on it ?' 11" x 3' 11"x  4' 8". ? = figure on my 
> obscured by frame.  All the others have similar details. 6th has 
> GROTON via BOSTON No.6 GROSS  8  3  27, NETT 8  2  14, MEAS 2' 11" 
x 2' 
> 11" x 3' 6" ( last figure difficult to read from photo.) Frame all 
> marked up M&S Groton via Boston. Until my recent revisit to 
> Cathedral I had always considered Groton to be the best sounding 
> peal in North America. Washington sounded very much improved from 
> previous visit - but then I could be mistaken, as no doubt, 
> would rush to point out.

Certainly sounds like shipping weights to me!

Both Groton and Washington Cathedral are superb sounding rings (for 
ringability, I still think the Cathedral tenor is the most well-
mannered 32 cwt of bell in the world!) - not aware that anything has 
been done to the acoustics in Washington, so perhaps you just had 
less wax in your ears last time you visited!



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