[Bell Historians] Re: Groton, use of list

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Tue May 23 00:10:23 BST 2006

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> Rod Bickerton:
> > A word from the moderator perhaps?
> Oh come now! We all know that this was not a malicious dig from RCO 
but just
> a bit of his famous humour, and I am sure that Jim's ace return was 
meant in
> the same vein! Let he who is without sin cast* the first stone...
> DrL
> *which in RCO's book will be in East London :)

There is not a malicious bone in my body and I'm sorry if I caused 

Mind you, for casting in stone, I think we need the return of John 
Warner & Co ...I always thought Inverness ninth had been cast in  
granite rather than bell metal!



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