[Bell Historians] St Augustine, Endcliffe, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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I presume that you would find the answer in your copy of Mr. Dawson's "Bells Of The Sheffield Diocese".
  Andrew Bull

"Bickerton, Roderic K (SELEX) (UK)" <roderic.bickerton at UxNDiKofIZ62qN_dPLQI4CkhmLqcZuv5gL7IxpTMSTqmEGFBj3fkevELhDUdXP5-0CF-sQNeALFD0lxCq2A0gEBixf-t.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
  St Augustine, Endcliffe, Sheffield, South Yorkshire 
I found the following from the historic churches preservation trust:
the clock and peal of 4 bells were donated in 1906. Between 1901 and
1918 "
A 1976 dove says 5 bells and tenor only hung for ringing.
Is the content of this tower known?

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