[Bell Historians] Groton,use of list.

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Tue May 23 09:05:12 BST 2006

Fair comment, they were probably at least as good as  of William Blews,
Harrison of Barton on Humber or Charles Carr of Smethwick. They do get
some harsh treatment, I remember Bryanstone as being a good powerful
nice toned 6. What happened when they became 8? Warner's would not
recognise the noise they now make. 

RCO wrote:-
"Mind you, for casting in stone, I think we need the return of John
Warner & Co ...I always thought Inverness ninth had been cast in granite
rather than bell metal!"

Come on Richard,Warner's were not the only foundry to 'cast in granite'.

Emmanuel,Plymouth (21-2-12 in E-flat) are an excellent original Warner
eight.  Warner's were innovators on their day - aluminium headstocks and
did those wonderful 'gimbal' bearings at York Minster ever work?  It is
time we saw a history book on the Warner Foundry.


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