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No - the Warner twelve at Buckfast were not hung for ringing until 1921, and the job was done by William Aggett of Chagford. There's a picture of the old installation of the Rings Of Twelve website.
  Andrew Bull

David Bryant <davidbryant at WcoPh08I4v7utKn9fHRUFFAhT0sCPW7fhPi0G1faldSt0lZD4eZLjKkD-lGX7LePDr2-9pxGdtbjbK7DnldELUpNqQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
  > and did those wonderful 'gimbal' bearings at York Minster ever work?

Apparently they made the bells go like the sides of houses. I think they 
might have been used on the original 12 at Buckfast as well.


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