[Bell Historians] Groton,use of list.

David Bryant davidbryant at 5sScyqIuYrrc_JBRyQWIcxniRgXflSyQ7lVIInB6tPtHWfOZLculD1D4944NlGlmCAOV7KJVHRdRW46a0z-H.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 23 11:12:17 BST 2006

>Fair comment, they were probably at least as good as  of William Blews,
>Harrison of Barton on Humber or Charles Carr of Smethwick. They do get
>some harsh treatment, I remember Bryanstone as being a good powerful
>nice toned 6. What happened when they became 8? Warner's would not
>recognise the noise they now make.

A Blews ring which particularly surprised me is Middlesmoor. Apparently they 
used to be foul, but they were tuned by Whitechapel a few years ago and are 
now quite a pleasant old-style six.



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