[Bell Historians] Warners

David Bryant davidbryant at tG0-M2nHOk4cR6Xp2JwQPAQEP3QggTuQJHNtSpcIpjGXyIVM3W1bqmiFI_2UySTsrV3yzcEIhIWyof28TnsdzarO4Sk.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 23 17:32:44 BST 2006

> Weren't the Warner-restored Beckwith twelve at York rehung on the old C&G
> Mears frame?

Yes, they were hung in the old frame. Taylor's report of 1924 makes 
interesting reading - they didn't have much to say in favour of the 
installation at all!

> If I was given a choice, say in 1880, of chosing between any of the 'big
> five' I would most certainly at that time have preferred Warners over
> Taylors, Mears, Llewellins or Gilletts. But then not everything that was
> produced by the last named four at the time was bad either.

Hmm. Think I'd go for Taylor's, even at that date.



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