[Bell Historians] Warners

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Tue May 23 19:41:38 BST 2006

>> If I was given a choice, say in 1880, of chosing between any of the 'big
>> five' I would most certainly at that time have preferred Warners over
>> Taylors, Mears, Llewellins or Gilletts. But then not everything that was
>> produced by the last named four at the time was bad either.
> Hmm. Think I'd go for Taylor's, even at that date.
> David
This argument could run and run and I only venture to mention two points.

Having recently heard them again and looked at them in detail, I am struck
by how incredibly good Llewellins & James's early ring of six bells (1876)
at Market Lavington is.  I am only talking about the bells themselves;
Taylors replaced the frame and fittings in 1927.

Taylors in the 1870s and 80s were putting in some really skimpy oak frames
with poor, flimsy fittings, including wheels which were ready to start
falling apart within a decade or two.  If anybody doubts me, I can give
plenty of examples.  A Warner, Mears or L & J job of that period would be
more robust.  (Gilletts had only just started.)



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