[Bell Historians] frames, formerly Warners bearings, formerly Groton, use of list.

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Tue May 23 17:43:03 BST 2006

"There foundry work and tuning was no better or worse than much of similar 
date but engineers they were not"

The latter part of this sentence could also be applied to Gillett & 
Johnston, albeit to a lesser extent. They cast some excellent bells, but 
Gillett-hung rings generally don't go particularly well, tending to be 
sluggish. Their various types of canon retaining headstocks are as 
impractical as they are ugly.

Some of the steel they used was also pretty poor. At Halifax, Taylor's had 
to replace the gate ends, gudgeons, bearings and bearing housings only fifty 
years or so after the bells were installed by G&J.



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