[Bell Historians] Re: Groton bells (really)

Bickerton, Roderic K (SELEX) (UK) roderic.bickerton at o88835J2RU8iWrtZCxPbS-U5x13P1ppqdRxC25bUYdzD4FI1xdXrFDujvWr2-IywWqHbalsMbCOjZHJu8u9THutqQnoI5i4m7qg.yahoo.invalid
Wed May 24 15:22:33 BST 2006

Is this a suggestion that Bellsistorians are... nested hornets?

I have not been to Inverness since 1975 but if I remember it is not just
the 9th which has an unusual sound, for a bell.

> Laura Dickerson

I might have stirred up a hornet's nest about ear wax and Warners

(there are some very fine Warner rings ...it's just Inverness ninth I

object to!), but at least I was right about shipping weights!



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