Groton bells (really)

Richard Offen richard at
Wed May 24 14:42:47 BST 2006

--- In bellhistorians at, Laura Dickerson <lauradi at ...> 
>   Greg Russell (Groton alumnus, the person who pointed out the 
> weights to me) had the idea to ask Whitechapel. This is the response
>        >>The information that you have from our tuning book is 
>        correct. The net and gross weights painted on to the bells 
> to
>        the shipping weights. The net weight for the tenor is the
> combined
>        weight of the bell and headstock whilst the gross weight is 
> total
>        weight of bell, headstock and pallet.
>        Yours sincerely
>        p.p. Whitechapel Bell Foundry Limited
>        Alan Hughes<<
> Laura Dickerson

I might have stirred up a hornet's nest about ear wax and Warners 
(there are some very fine Warner rings 
it's just Inverness ninth I 
object to!), but at least I was right about shipping weights!



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