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In a reference book I came across mention of a poem about bells said
to be painted on a board in the belfry of St Peter's

I wondered if it was still there and if anyone knew anything about its
origins - history etc


According to Dalton's 'Church Bells of Dorset' the ringer's rhymes painted
on the north and south walls are no longer there.  They were dated 1812 and
were apparently illegible by 1885.

I will have a look in John Harris' notebook to see if he makes any mention
of them, but I can't do that for a few days.

We have a sonnet on a board at Holy Trinity, Bradford which was written by
the then Vicar on the return of a re-cast tenor in 1842.  Said Vicar was
reputed to be a relation to the poet Cowper and a descendant of John Donne



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