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" There may be more than one bell at Alton Towers, I have a note, also from CJP, of a T. Mears 11 bell of 1840 weighing 8-1-25."   
That may be the one as the one I say was clearly dated 1840.  The bell did have it's cannons (or canons) and size wise was probably closer to 8 cwt than 14 cwt.    As I said, the bell I saw was just inside the Hex attraction which is located in the ruins of the house where it stands on a couple of wooden pallets just inside the door.  Unfortunately, there was no information about the bell and, to be honest, it isn't relevant to the story line of the attraction as that is about a curse on the Earl of Shrewsbury's family that causes a memeber of the family to die when a branch fell off an old oak tree.  The Earl at the time of the curse came up with the idea of chaining all the branches of the oak tree together to stop any one of them falling off.
If there are 2 bells does anyone know where the second bell is and why 2 bells?  


Andrew Harper 

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