[Bell Historians] Alton Towers

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>     There may be more than one bell at Alton Towers, I have a note, also
> from CJP, of a T. Mears 11 bell of 1840 weighing 8-1-25.
> DS.
>     Does anyone know the details of the bell that sits just inside the door
> of the Hex 'ride' at Alton Towers?    I could just make out the words
> 'under London' and the date 1840 on the inscription band but it was too
> dark to see anyomore.

This bell was still hung in the chapel tower when I visited in October 1973.
There were no other bells then in evidence, but at a house like this it
would not be surprising to find a call bell on the roof somewhere in
addition to the chapel bell (cf Tyntesfield).



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