[Bell Historians] Weston By Welland

Colin Johnson trainmad at -4w-JxUVW-zICzJooKnetm0SQcvw1PKCN6uGY97JjbXACUJwP-9DdXxM6yzO9GepY4J12SYssQ1_9poar6it3Q.yahoo.invalid
Thu Nov 9 22:07:50 GMT 2006

> Presume the conductor was a brother of the more celebrated ringer, Alan (AL) K.O. Hollick
> >
Yes,there was a brother,George was a good ringer but as far as I can
 remember I never met his brother. In the days when I was a learner we
had to know our place,speak when spoken to. All that I can remember
 George used to get some compositions from him

 Colin Johnson.
( thanks for the peal details George- had forgotten where and when i
had rung this peal).


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