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When Fred Sharpe wrote up Herefordshire bells he commented that complete
rings of bells by the Rudhalls were becoming rare, and Mary Bliss in her
Gloucestershire book notes that the back six at Prestbury (Abel Rudhall
1748) are the only complete ring by him remaining in the Diocese.

However they are by no means extinct.  Near Lancaster we have complete
Rudhall rings at Cockerham (6) which are all Abel Rudhall 1748 and Melling
(6) which are Abel Rudhall 1753-4.  We also have the back six of the eight
at Hornby, which were cast at the Gloucester foundry during the period when
it was under Francis Tyler's management in 1761.

And at Boston (Mass) the eight at Old North Church are as I understand it
still a complete Abel Rudhall eight of 1744.

Peter Rivet

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  The Hawarden website says that they are the only complete Rudhall
  ring. I find this surprising for some reason. Is this claim true,
  based on being a ring by one Rudhall only?


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