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Tue Nov 14 20:02:21 GMT 2006

>From the Old North Website:
"The eight bells of Old North (*with inscriptions*) are:

  Bell 1 (Treble) F       5 cwt  2 qrs  4 lbs

 *Abel Rudhall, of Glocester, cast us all, Anno 1744.*

Bell 2          E       5 cwt  2 qrs  6 lbs

 *Since generosity has opened our mouths, our tongues shall ring aloud its
praise. 1744.*

Bell 3          D       6 cwt  1 qrs  3 lbs

 *The subscription for these bells was begun by John Hannmock and Robert
Temple, Church Wardens, Anno 1743; completed by Robert Jenkins and John
Gould, church Wardens, Anno 1744.*

Bell 4          C       7 cwt  1 qrs  3 lbs

 *William Shirley, Esq., Governor of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England.
Anno 1744.*

Bell 5          B flat  7 cwt  1 qrs 21 lbs

 *God preserve the Church of England. 1744.*

Bell 6          A       8 cwt  1 qrs 24 lbs

 *We are the first ring of bells cast for the British Empire in North
America. A.R. 1744. *

Bell 7          G      10 cwt  2 qrs 24 lbs

 *This Church was founded in the year 1723. Timothy Cutler, DD, the first
Rector, A.R. 1744.*

Bell 8 (Tenor)  F      13 cwt  3 qrs  5 lbs

 *This peal of eight bells is the gift of a number of generous persons to
Christ Church, in Boston, N.E. Anno 1744. A.R.  "*  cheers

On 11/14/06, Peter Rivet <peter at 8S2Yr-Dxp2Zs2PkIQMpz3qhQaNJc9x1H9mJqjQVjmXpiBA81xKWWhWv1IAIkOHHM6LaHK-f7K50NPIkTBqM.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
>    When Fred Sharpe wrote up Herefordshire bells he commented that
> complete rings of bells by the Rudhalls were becoming rare, and Mary Bliss
> in her Gloucestershire book notes that the back six at Prestbury (Abel
> Rudhall 1748) are the only complete ring by him remaining in the Diocese.
> However they are by no means extinct.  Near Lancaster we have complete
> Rudhall rings at Cockerham (6) which are all Abel Rudhall 1748 and Melling
> (6) which are Abel Rudhall 1753-4.  We also have the back six of the eight
> at Hornby, which were cast at the Gloucester foundry during the period when
> it was under Francis Tyler's management in 1761.
> And at Boston (Mass) the eight at Old North Church are as I understand it
> still a complete Abel Rudhall eight of 1744.
> Peter Rivet
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>  The Hawarden website says that they are the only complete Rudhall
> ring. I find this surprising for some reason. Is this claim true,
> based on being a ring by one Rudhall only?
> Mike
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