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The basic framework (for example, dates) for what the working party eventually came up with was in fact the work of the former Bells Committee, of which I was a member. That Committee was agreed that what Richard calls"The 2004 Statements agreed by the Council" were unsatisfactory. Richard is wrong I am glad to say in assuming that the 2004  Statements were "agreed by the Council"; though the verbal manner in which they were presented had all the suggestions of being a draconian dictate. With its production the Bells Committee, apart from its then Chairman, had nothing to do.  Quite clearly something had to be done and it was done by the much-maligned Bells Committee before the Working Party got to work. The present dating criteria, i.e. the dates themselves, were in fact largely of my own devising . The Bells Committee at the time, which sent on its suggestions to the Working Party, included Graham Pledger, of English Heritage. There is no evidence that their absence from the Working Party means they are working to their own agenda.

Former Member, Bells & Clocks Committee, CCC 1975-2006

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  I'm surprised that no comment has been made on this list about the 
  article on the above in the 3rd November edition of the Ringing World!

  It looks to me as if the working party has done a good job in sorting 
  out what was, potentially, a very difficult situation after the 2004 
  statements by the Council on the same subject. The criteria seem 
  eminently sensible to me.

  I was interested to note that English Heritage were not part of the 
  working party. One is to hope that they will subscribe to the 
  criteria and not continue working to their own agenda.

  Comments please.


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