[Bell Historians] Re: Rudhall Rings

David Bryant davidbryant at 7_P17rKumFVJUQI8MCbLAJymeGnvDyLPELVDd4ogi6PtCEZx1eTHHCntT5rHvIQWxCCO2vaixT82Cf6hQhWItYA.yahoo.invalid
Wed Nov 15 11:15:35 GMT 2006

>Almost right, David. Our rehang was in 1901, though. The more recent
>work of replacing the trebles and adding the flat sixth were done by

I meant to type 1899 - which I think is what is given in Bliss and Sharpe 
and which is evidently slightly out. I had a look at the bells a few years 
ago - 12 on one level in a Taylor H frame, and the flat 6th and extra treble 
in individual lowside frames on top. The two trebles still have the bar 
headstocks provided by Taylor's. If I remember rightly, there is a series of 
photos in the ringing chamber showing the bells on carts and their canons 
being knocked off with sledgehammers.

I agree with Matthew that they are a good twelve.



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