[Bell Historians] Great Bells of Britain

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Nothing like being made to feel a "has been". First the CCC scrap-heap and now the Great Bells.

It became apparent to me in the 1970's that Ernest Morris's original Great Bells was lacking certain entries and I persuaded Bill Viggers to allow me to draw up a new one with corrected weights and dates where necessary, an d also the founders involved. I think the first revised list came out in 1978 and every year until his death Bill Viggers ran the proofs (happy days of  such things) before me to keep them up-to-date to the best of my knowledge. I have a file of correspondence with Whitechapel and Taylors and with a number of Town Clerks and similar folk whicgh makes interesting reading.

I am pleased that the list is being kept up to date by others but sorry that I have been dropped by the publisher without a word of acknowledgment or intimation.

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  > I see that the 6th quarter bell at York Minster is now listed 
  as 'clock bell'. Is there a reason for this?

  Yes. I'm guilty as charged. When I updated the list for this year's 
  diary (with help from several members of the list, and especially Chris 
  Pickford's list of great bells on the Keltek website) my original 
  description of this bell was 'Clock bell no. 6' in line with Chris' 
  list. In editing the text to fit the space available, this ended up as 
  you see. I'll make a note to change it for next year. '6th quarter' has 
  a certain arithmetical charm about it in any case!

  If there are any more errors, please let us know at the RW and we'll be 
  happy to correct them.

  Bill H

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