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To add a tiny little piece to David's information about St. John De 

L'Estrange gives no info on bell sizes (5) or weights in his CB of Norfolk.
J. Arminger Trollope in the Bell News of December 1896 notes that there 
are five unringable bells - no weights given.
First Peal was rung in November 1909 - weight of tenor noted as 'about 
10 cwt'.
Peal rung in June 1914 notes tenor as 10 cwt.   (I did not check all the 
peal info).
The Annual Reports for the NDA state 10 cwt (or at least the 1957 one does).

The strangest item of all is that in my own records, for when I rang 
there in October 1957, the tenor is noted as being 8 1/2 cwt!   I wonder 
where I obtained that figure from?  My Erpingham information also says 8 
1/2 cwt, which I had obviously copied from the St John De Sepulchre details.

Finally, in the details of the transfer to Erpingham, RW  1991/341-2,  
the tenor at Erpingham is noted as being pre-reformation (Potter) and 
having the note of G Sharp and a diameter of 37 1/2 inches and an 
aproximate weight of 9 1/2 cwt.

Best wishes

Alan Ellis
Vancouver, B.C.

David Cawley wrote:

> I have details of the bells given to me by Bill Hughes some years ago. 
> The 3rd and 4th in five at St John de Sepulchre were recast and a 
> treble added to make six in 1907; two further trebles (now at East 
> Haling) were added in 1908. So what are now the 4th, 5th and tenor at 
> Erpingham did not go in to Whitechapel, the work in 1907/8 being 
> carried out by Day of Eye, who also built the frame at Erpingham in 
> which they now hang.
> Nevertheless I was given the weight of 8-3-22 at some point which is a 
> little on the light side given that the bell retains its canons and 
> has not been tuned. I do not recall the source of my information.
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>     I have just noticed something rather suspect with regard to the stated
>     weight given in Dove for the tenor of the above church.
>     The ring of six were formerly the back six of eight at St John de
>     Sepulchre
>     in Norwich. The two trebles of eight went to East Harling to
>     augment the
>     bells there to eight.
>     Dove gives the source of its weight for Erpingham (8-3-22) as the
>     lost rings
>     list. What makes me suspicious is that 8-3-22 is also the weight
>     of East
>     Harling tenor (a Taylor rehang so there will be a measured
>     weight). It could
>     be a coincidence, but doesn't seem that likely.
>     Can anyone confirm the source of the weight given for Erpingham? I
>     believe
>     that the bells were installed by local area ringers, so it is entirely
>     possible that the bells may not have been weighed. Paul
>     Cattermole's Norwich
>     book does not give a measured weight for the bells - it says
>     approximately
>     9½ cwt. Has someone mistakenly quoted the tenor weight for East
>     Harling?
>     David

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