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Sun Nov 19 07:12:35 GMT 2006

At 16:41 +0000 06/11/18, Mike Chester wrote:
>I did the obvious thing - I contacted the carillonneur!

Yes, I got the same answer from him independently, but Mike beat me 
in replying to this mail-list.  No matter - a good source is 

Incidentally, it should be obvious by now that the definition of 
"great bell" floats in more than one way.  David Cawley confirmed 
that it floats in the Diary to fit that list onto two pages, and 
currently that criterion is at 2.5 tonnes.  It also floats between 
list keepers (as it were); Chris Pickford's much longer list uses a 
one tonne criterion, and my much shorter list (on the GCNA Website) 
uses a criterion of approximately 4 tonnes.

I'm just now putting the finishing touches on a list of Great Bells 
of Asia and the Pacific Rim region, which will soon be posted to the 
GCNA Website.  I'm debating with myself whether to split it into two 
parts - one for bells of oriental profile and the other for bells of 
western profile.  The latter, of course, are derived almost entirely 
from the bass bells of carillons in Australia, New Zealand and Korea.

There's also a preliminary version of Great Bells of Europe on the 
GCNA Website, and there will eventually be a Great Bells of Russia, 
based largely on Edward V. Williams' superb book on that subject. 
When those are finished, I may tie together all of the regional lists 
with a world index table.  I doubt that will happen before the end of 
2007, though.



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