[Bell Historians] Great Bells of Britain

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at 2y1T4W2Qw3psIuQbJERxUM4tgD_Kl3QdjXG_-sDIOff84i68ozE86Nv05ysMQOr92_6GHwa6BkleKg.yahoo.invalid
Tue Nov 21 01:10:53 GMT 2006

Chris Pickford wrote:
>CSZ's comment about arbitrary cut off point in the diary list. From
>memory it's always had to fit on two pages, and it never went below
>50 cwt. The list in "Dove", however, did go town to 40 cwt

Checking back, I find that is quite correct (aside from the typo ;-), 
though Ron Dove titled his list "Notable Bells of Great Britain", 
which is more euphonious than "Great Bells of Great Britain" would be.

I'm fairly sure that Dove's Guide is where I got the idea of using 
the 40 cwt criterion for the similar lists on the GCNA Website.  But 
I don't recall now what prompted me to use the term "great bells". 
The concept and the term were certainly present in the original 
design for the portion of the GCNA Website that I maintain, although 
actual information about "great bells in North America" was not 
posted there until January 2002.  "Great Bells of the British Isles" 
followed in July 2005, and the initial release of "Great Bells of 
Europe" was posted in April 2006.  It's possible that I got the term 
from the Diary; but I order a copy of that so seldom that I'm not 
sure that I had one available.

At least all this discussion has clarified (I hope!) what various 
people do or do not mean by the term "great bells".



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