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  I note the debate there has been about the update this year of the 
  RW 'Great Bells' list. It was certainly not my intention to cause any 
  offence (to DLC in particular) and if such has been caused I 
  apologise. I can appreciate what a big task it must have been to 
  create the original list from its many sources.

  Certainly, Bill has caused no offence to me; I take it that he used the old diary list as a starting point; in my own turn, when I started on it in 1977 I used Ernest Morris's list which had been a part of the diary for many years, but had a considerable number of omissions and some errors. These I rectified with help from the foundries, several Town Clerks and friends on this list. I also added the dates and founders to the bells included. The title had originally included the words "By Ernest Morris" and his name was included with my own in the acknowledgments. The list as I left it was for all to share, and it was no doubt the publishers' decision to omit our names. So long as the list is there, I'm happy; but it is perhaps unfair to attribute it entirely to others.

  Someone else (not on this list) was originally asked to do the update 
  to the list in the diary and my advice was sought when he declined. I 
  was given the impression that the list had not been updated for some 
  years, and so I started with the nearest diary that came to hand 
  (1997). David was not acknowledged that year and I'm afraid I was 
  unaware of his previous involvement.

  I don't know when the acknowledgment ceased. Bill Viggers used to send me a complimentary diary each year, so it must have been after the present publisher took them over.

  In my defence I did seek the opinions of this list (in April, as I 
  recall) and was given help by several subscribers, especially as 
  regards the existence or otherwise of the Sunderland bell.

  I am sure that it has been on this list before, but I can find no note, does the Sunderland Hour Bell still exist?

  As has been pointed out, the criterion for inclusion in the diary is 
  the need to fit the list on two pages. In these days of scalable 
  fonts that's not the problem it once was, and there is a convenient 
  break at 50cwt. According to my calculations the larger of the new 
  Cobh bells should join the list at 2 tons 16 cwt 3 qr 22 lbs and I 
  will add it. 

  Excellent. Presumably in keeping with present notation (with all due respect to traditional carillon notation) it will be 

  Cobh, St Colman (No. 48)  1998  RE  2  16  3  22

  and Royal Eijsbouts will make a solitary appearance at the foot of the page.

  Thanks and good wishes



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