[Bell Historians] Great Bells of Britain

Sue Marsden erincaters at AB3i16XyobsV2S2g5NqhrC0hLJA9ql0fDLlpxzG0vC_FzD_XwP5JnTyYfzEfWlKzR9iM5-7chFXliPYZ0HV6jxgf_Q.yahoo.invalid
Wed Nov 22 12:35:01 GMT 2006

> The Diary is, or was, the biggest annual single selling item in the
> exercise recently selling around 7000 copies a year.
> It therefore puts interesting info such as "Great bells" into the hands
> of about one third of the active ringing population 99% of whom would
> never ever see it if it was on a web site.
> Andrew

I don't quite understand your figures. Do you mean that 99% of ringers
never look at ringing websites? Or 99% of diary buyers do not? I would
question both these assumptions.
And couldn't this information be in both formats?


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