[Bell Historians] Great Bells of Britain

Bickerton, Roderic K (SELEX) (UK) roderic.bickerton at YvdNBDS1nAEJ3sYcZyxkM8F7jmRcAUDJd2pvsl3tgbsul3W8mTY9sUopyr1vCP61RpJOhs6Xqyjl8oNqXRpWfQCLUJBo8g.yahoo.invalid
Wed Nov 22 12:47:24 GMT 2006

 Please keep it factual it is "the ringing world diary"
The Ringing World say:
"The Ringing World is the official journal of the Central Council of
Church Bell Ringers"

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers says at the top of there home

"The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Supporting change ringing
world-wide. UK Registered Charity No: 270036 "

Are any the ringing world diary's sold to people not involved in change
ring or supporting such ringing?


"It has no relevance to change ringing" - R.Bickerton's remark below.
The Diary is The Ringers' Diary - not merely the change ringers' diary.
There is more to ringing than learning a new method,  pulling a rope (or
even grabbing a tower). Bells do enter into it. I tried to share my
interest in them inter alia by producing the revision of the Great Bells
list, the only concession to Bell History in general in the whole, very
useful, publication. Ready to hand and useful for reference, personal
interest or even setting a quiz without having to resort to IT or carry
Dove around. 
I've also tried to share my interest pretty unreservedly with others:
one of them was Richard. Apparently it fell on stony ground, if his
agreement with Mr Bickerton is anything to go by!


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