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David Bryant davidbryant at 0d-P0dUGDaFwEgNR7Joezi-tZf47Im_RMBUovejTf4lRH02BJkkTeAxt1YPqwAjH7pBwOJw7uRCstQ_mbbJNt9wF.yahoo.invalid
Wed Nov 29 17:14:55 GMT 2006

>When I visited in 1974 all 4 were hung dead (from 1929 when Taylors 
>a new bell).

As I recall, two of the old bells are hung dead in the middle of the frame. 
The 1929 Taylor bell and the other bell (not sure who it was by) were 
scrapped in 1980 when the present Whitechapel six were installed.



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