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Thanks for the specific details. I can confirm that the two largest bells were still there in 1981 and on a later visit there.
 The two smaller bells went off to the foundry as scrap.
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  I n 1926 Taylors inspected, the 2nd of 3 had a chunk out of the lip & this was welded by Barimars & returned to the tower. The three were badly out of tune & Taylors provided a new bell to make a 'proper' three. The bells in the tower in 1974 were:
  1. 32.93" 6.3.25 J Taylor 1929 948 Hz
  2.  36.625" 9.0.7 Sam I Smith 1675 844Hz
  3  40" 12.0.23 Sam I Smith 1700 826 Hz (Welded)
  4 . 44.375" 16.0.19 Sam I Smith 1682 753 Hz 
  I.e 1, 2 & 4 were a major three, & 3 was an odd bell.
  A t one time there was some talk of one bell being used to replace a cracked bell at Shoreditch (I think) but it came to naught.
  I would be interested to have confirmation of which of these bells are the two still in Filey. 

  George Dawson

    Filey was originally a three bell tower, three old bells, with all three being by Samuel Smith of York. The treble became cracked and a replacement bell was installed. At that time all four were hung dead in the three bell frame. Bells treble and replacement being in the treble pit . Hence the wheel which dates from the time when they were rehung dead.

    In 1981 the two smallest bells were taken out and sent to the foundry. In return the light six were installed around the two old bells 2 and 3 hung dead in their pits.
    a) the two old bells are "listed"(1689,1700)
    b) the frame is "listed"

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