[Bell Historians] Filey

macstyle2004 macstyle2004 at GT-MPwvalM1Ags-4pkedAS7e6e9rTMXzhawEr8QazB-DlOlX5bJZyuAHVJ35V-Qk6WUbJdn408qhilA8VEFn-A.yahoo.invalid
Wed Nov 29 22:18:22 GMT 2006

They were also still there on Saturday as I saw them when I went up to replace a stay (of 
which there was a pile of around 20 ready cut stays all marked out with the number of each 
bell - and the correct size spanner next to them) but didn't have time to have a closer look at 
the two large bells to read the inscriptions.


> Thanks for the specific details. I can confirm that the two largest bells were still there in 
1981 and on a later visit there.


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