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The clock chime changes with the seasons.

I've heard it play Regina Coeli and the Lourdes Hymn.
The treble is used for the hours. 



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> I duly looked up the RW p.700, 17 August 1984, which
> CJP kindly refers to and it is a letter from
> himself, mentioning the said LP ("Grandes Heures
> Liturgiques a Notre-Dame de Paris" De Luxe RC 340,
> FY 001, made in 1973).
> Chris states inter alia that the largest bell of the
> four is said to weigh 1915 Kg = 37-2-23 1/2, and the
> Bourdon (rehung in 1953) 13 tonnes. He also says
> that the clock is heard striking on three small
> clock bells - the quarters on the two larger and the
> hours on the smallest. Very peculiar.
> This was in reply to an article on p.612 of the same
> year referring to a French press report that the
> four "enormes cloches" of the north tower viz:
> Denise-David:  760 Kg
> Hyacnith-Jean: also quoted as 760, shurely not?
> Antoinette-Charlotte: 1300 Kg
> Angelique Francoise: 1800 Kg
> 'had become "tres fatiguees" exposed as they are
> permanently to "le vent" and "la pluie" and worst of
> all to "les crottes de pigeon" - in fact the floor
> below  was apparently covered with three centimetres
> of "fiente de pigeon" '. Lucky them, I can think of
> a couple of towers where it is three metres!
> Sorry about the mssing graves, acutes, circumflexes
> and cidyllas; don't know how to put them in.
> That was the edition recording St Paul's win at St
> Paul's in the 12-bell. And the sartotial elegance of
> the band on the cover page is continued over to the
> back - as the picture there of Mark Regan
> illustrates. But that's not bell history.

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